VIS-À-VIS inc. is organizing you to professional force and collective capabilities
that may help you be happy communication to connect the people together

To the okayama air port

VIS-A-VIS inc. is walk together in local area of
Okayama prefecture since 1934.

Okayama Prefecture is the center of the Chugoku and Shikoku districts, and the point from which roads spread to all four cardinal points. Okayama Prefecture is located at the center of the Sanyo Expressway,which runs between the Kansai and Kyushu reions. The south side of Okayama is the gate to shikoku, While its northern side offers access to the Sanin region. It reveives attention as a key traffic hub and a place for sightseeing, as well as for being an infustrial complex.


Masayoshi Maesaka

Masayoshi Maesaka(前坂 匡紀)

Chairman Of The Board

Public Positions

Head of Convention Section, Okayama Visitors & Convention Association Former Vice President and Permanent Member of Okayama Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chairperson of Operating Committee Chairperson of System Engineering Okayama
Vice Chairperson of the Promotion Meeting of Okayama High Performance Information
Director of Myanmar-Japan Collaboration Project for Fostering Medical Human Resources (Authorized Nonprofit Organization)
Director of the Japan-Netherlands Society of Okayama
Director of the Japan-Korea Friendship Association

member of JCMA

The Japan Convention Management Association: JCMA is the biggest convention organization in Japan. Approximately 200 organizations of various proprietors in the convention industry gather and strive to strengthen this industry and realize the establishment of a firm position as an industry. From now on, high economic effects generated by MICE, creation of business chances and innovations, effects from improving competitiveness and brand power of cities will be readily apparent to the public. In 2020, the “largest convention in the world,” the Olympic and Paralympic Games, will be held in Japan. In the midst of tourism promotion by the government agency looking ahead to this opportunity, the number of conventions and invitations is on the rise.

Daisuke Yoshida

Daisuke Yoshida(吉田 大助)


Public Positions

Chairman Young Entrepreneurs Group of the Okayama Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Director Young Entrepreneurs Group of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Japan YEG)
Director fagiano okayama sports club Co., Ltd.

What is VIS-À-VIS?

VIS-À-VIS inc. is in addition to the development of media communication model to take advantage of the contact with local consumers and area marketing. We should supporting you the conduct or support of products, services and business development, content development and the client should be transmitted as advertising and PR area. We will continue to meet the challenges in communication like “Area marketing agency“.

VIS-À-VIS inc. is totally supporting for the promotion of the customers. The experience of the performance of WEB business and MICE business is top class in particular of the regional leading in this area.

Mainly the publishing of community life magazine, through the collection, editing and dissemination of community life information, consumers, businesses, and town shops, to create a communication of consumers each other further. We will help the activation of the human resources of the region in the human resources support such as hiring of new graduates, recruitment, education and training.

Cooperative society of Okayama Institute of Information and Culture

Cooperative society of Okayama Institute of Information and Culture doing own research that the quite specialize in area with the reputation. Basically the research form net survey and made ??full use of questionnaire, the interview of monitor site members group how to investigate to becomes “Point" of creative concept is the basis. Also we could make an various market research, media contact investigation, shopping trends survey of housewife, living conditions and awareness survey of each generation, customer satisfaction survey.

  • Developing strategies employing the geographical information system (GIS) containing dynamic population variable data
  • Various simulation based on Huff Model estimations (sales forecast, marketing area setting, etc.)
  • Proposals for merchandising based on customer purchasing data and marketing area characteristics

Company summary

Since September, 1934
Establishment May, 1950
Capital Yen 30,000,000
Representative Chairman Masayoshi Maesaka
Employee The group total 128 employee